The past several months have altered the lives of everyone. At Divine Love Institute, physically located in Hollywood, Florida, Nancy Duke and Nancy Livingston like to offer the most from what they have (small hinges swing big doors). They love and live by everything they teach, offer and do.

Known for specializing in self-healing, they act as a support through times of uncertainty to help one find and regain their equilibrium to successfully navigate life changes. Divine Love Institute was conceived during the financial downturn in 2008 as a way to give comfort to the local community, offering support and alternate ways of being during that time of intense change. Since then, Duke and Livingston have seen how many people have positively handled adversity, changed, improved their lives and thrived.

This is yet another time of intense change, and it is also a time to think of expansion. This is a time to examine and adapt new ideas, including the fact you don’t have to go through this time of change, stress and uncertainty alone.

Divine Love Institute now offers quality training and support online, including their well-known Reiki Circle as well as many workshops and sessions. For more information, call 954-920-0050 and/or visit