As Mother Earth goes through a karmic transition, powerful healers are needed to help transform chronic states such as fear, lingering health issues, chronic pain, etc. Divine Channel Ellen Logan offers soul healing training in a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Certification Workshop, the first level of Soul Healing mastery and a powerful modality for any practice, even beginners with no prior healing experience. Just as energy healing power can be downloaded to practitioners, appointed Divine Channels can download Divine frequency, vibration and light to chosen healers. Divine Healing Hands carry Divine soul power to heal and transform soul blockages around health, finances, relationships, intelligence, emotional imbalances and more.


Divine Channels offering this training are chosen and trained by master Soul Healer, Divine Servant and *New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha (China, Canada). Master Ellen has studied with Master Sha for years and is also authorized to provide Divine Sickness Karma Cleansing and Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, as well as soul readings for spiritual guidance.

Certification training takes place April 11-13 at Wyndham Boca Raton, 1950 Glades Road. Apply at For a personal consultation with Master Ellen, contact Pamela at 561-331-1385 or visit See ad page 27.