by Victoria Danelczyk

Detox is important not only for our physical body but also our emotional body. Our soul carries many different feelings during our day; just think… when was the last time that you detoxed your emotions?

Let’s talk about toxic emotions. Can we differentiate our feelings/emotions or do we just go through life without analyzing them? There are healthy emotions that make us happy and everything flows and we feel good and grateful; but also we find people who provoke negative emotions in us, perhaps people we even work and live with closely. It is time to pay attention to our feelings.

Maybe you never thought about the fact that we carry pain, guilt, shame, fear and other negative emotions; when carried for long periods of time, these can have negative effects on our physical health. Emotional detox has a main goal to clear the mind and eliminate negative thoughts that cause fears, guilt and harbor false beliefs, all which inhibit the good taste of life since they prevent positive energy from flowing through us.

It is recommended to clean the soul deeply at least once a week as well as a faster cleaning every day in order to remove or dilute the heaviness of the heart and to flow better throughout life. You can cleanse your mind by contrasting positive ideas that feed the soul. It is important to learn to nurture and take care of our thoughts and feelings in order to have a healthy and emotionally balanced life.

Every thought generates a chemical reaction that affects the cells of the body and we call that emotion. Destructive thoughts create destructive emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety and fear which stay in our minds. Recognizing when you are in destructive thinking can help to change that pattern. Sharing gratitude and appreciation tends to generate positive emotions which, in turn, contribute to a generalized sense of well-being in one’s self.

An emotional detox is vital to heal the soul. More than working on forgiveness and resignation, it is important to cleanse negative thoughts as these are the ones that generate the attitudes that can end the joy in our life. Cleansing the thoughts should be a continuous, natural process. We must learn to breathe deeply, meditate, eat healthy, drink pure water and not create thoughts that change our good mood. Avoid complicated, negative people and, above all, stay away from criticism and gossip.

How to Detox Your Soul

Try to analyze your emotions daily. What made you angry? How did you react? Change the way you think by trying to eliminate the negativity of your day. I suggest cleaning up your emotions day-by-day at nighttime before going to sleep; analyze your day and if some situation made you uncomfortable, analyze it and let it pass. We cannot carry that big bags of emotions on our backs.

Maybe you are a negative person and have not yet realized it. Choose your thoughts. The best way to detox our emotions is with positive thoughts; our mind is very powerful and we have to train it to find the positive side in every situation.

Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself what negative emotions you need to discard.

We have a lot during our daily lives, both stress and moments with peace. Enjoy nature, go for a walk on the beach and give yourself time to be alone.

Take time for a healing therapy like reiki or chakra balancing for stress reduction and relaxation and the utilization and application of color for healing emotions.

Live the present time; forgive the past; remember life is short and you don’t need to be stuck in a past situation. Don’t worry about the future.

To be in balance with our lives, we have to be in balance with our emotions.

Victoria Danelczyk is a licensed massage therapist, therapeutic energy facilitator and co-owner of Healing Harmony Wellness Center, located at 9690 W. Sample Rd., Ste. 204, Coral Springs. For more information, call 954.605.3800 and/or visit