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This is great way to market your business. The listings are organized by CATEGORY and placed in the back of the magazine. Advertising with a Premium Business listing includes FOUR ITEMS (eight to choose from), a photo or logo and up to 25 words to describe your business and/or services. 

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Upon completion of this form we will generate a PROOF and email you for your review and approval.

If you do not hear from us within one business day, with a proof of your Community Resource Guide (CRG) ad, please call us at 954-630-1610, as we may not have gotten your information.

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Online Directory (CRG) Listings

Once a year, in conjunction with the Broward January Edition, we upload all the January, Community Resource Guide ads in print, to our website for free. All other months, charges apply starting at $150 for 6 months to $240 for a 12 month featured online Directory listing (pro-rating available).

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*PREMIUM Community Resource Guide (CRG) base rates for BROWARD County, paid monthly (unless otherwise noted) - choose one.
Our CRG ads include four items, up to 25 word to describe your products/services and a photo or logo. We embolden your FIRST item. Remember, any additional items and words will be added to this base rate.

Would you like to include with your listing a DATE-SPECIFIC EVENT (max 50 words / no websites or email addresses) in our CALENDAR section (value is $29) at no additional charge? However, events must be $35 or less to attend and must be held in Broward Co., Florida. Use our online form at to order.
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Category I request (subject to approval) Example: Chiropractic Physician, Colon Therapy...:

*(1) ITEM - Business or Professional Name
This is the first of 8 items you may choose from. Four ITEMS are included with your basic listing. Additional ITEMS are $5/mo. each for Miami or Broward Counties and $4/mo for Palm Beach.

(2) ITEM - Contact Name
This is the second ITEM you may select for your CRD ad. You may include professional degrees earned. Please limit listing your degrees to the top one or two only.

(3) ITEM - Additional Contact Name

(4) ITEM - Address
Use a comma after the street address then add the City, State and zip.

(5) ITEM - Phone
When entering phone number please use dashes. Example: 954-630-1610 (avoid using parenthesis to designate area code).

(6) ITEM - Fax
When entering phone number please use dashes. Example: 954-630-1610 (avoid using parenthesis to designate area code).

(7) ITEM - e-mail. REMEMBER, each ITEM you submit over 4 (this is the 7th ITEM from which to choose) is an additional $5/mo.)

(8) ITEM - Web. REMEMBER, each ITEM you fill in over 4 (this is the 8th ITEM from which to choose) is an additional $5/mo.)

*Directory Description
This section is used to describe your business services and products. The basic listing includes up to 25 words. Any words over 25 are billed at $1/mo. each. Your display ad is referenced by page number at the end of your description at no additional charge. PLEASE COPY OR MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR DESCRIPTION- TEXT AND SAVE, as sometimes this form does not process correctly. YOU MAY be asked to send this info via regular email.

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COMMENTS: Consider expanding your reach by advertising in the Miami and/or Palm Beach's editions of Natural Awakenings. We would be delighted to send you a quote. Kindly let us know how we may be of assistance to you.