Thermography is a medical infrared image of the body which can show the first signs of irregularities starting at the cellular level. If there is a variance of temperature outside the normal range for that region, it could be an indication there is dysregulation afoot.

Thermography has been a controversial form of testing since the 1980s, with the main reason being there are many variables that can alter the results. Here are the top three questions you should ask when considering thermography:

Pixel Resolution – Currently the top pixel resolution available in the U.S. is 640×480. Some cameras are 320×240 then extrapolated to compress the image to try and create it similar to the higher pixel cameras.

Testing Environment – For accurate results the room must be 68 to 72 degrees F. without any drafts from air vents or heat coming in from a window. These can alter skin temperature which will alter results.

Interpretation – Who is doing the interpretation? Be sure to look up their experience and background.

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