Are you anxious, depressed? Have you been craving sugar or carbs? Did you know that your gut influences brain chemistry and behavior? Did you know that your solar plexus chakra is a wheel of energy (prana/life force) known to regulate your nerves, digestive system and pancreas, connecting your digestion back to your brain, affecting how you feel?


Energy expert Carole Ramsay has created and developed a multidimensional balancing method to encompass all energy bodies/chakras (including the solar plexus), opening cellular memory to past, future and parallel lifetimes. During a 60 to 90 minute private session called Clear The Path, initially formulated to reconnect the spirit/mind/body continuum, her method gently moves you into higher frequencies of well-being. Feel renewed, rejuvenated, rebalanced and focused. Many clients love their new clarity, choosing Clear The Path as a monthly balancing system.


Carole Aileo Ha’La Ramsay, Ba. Div., RMT is a multidimensional spiritual counselor, born empath and fully sentient medium, healer, remote viewer and more. Also known as the Ascension Guru, she is the only psychic who guarantees her work.


Rev. Carole holds Sacred Circles on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in Broward County. She is also available by appointment; call 954-655-5490. For testimonials, visit