Are you doing everything right and still feel stuck? The influx of increasing energy shifts affects our thoughts, emotions and judgments. Perhaps you are a lightworker, starseed or empath, devoting your services to help humanity.

Clear the Path (CTP) was channeled through Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay to bring light in and around the physical body, creating complete balance. Rapid shifts of consciousness are occurring within our DNA whereby “healing” modalities are not enough (time is collapsing and space is expanding); the spiritual focus is that of the activation of our Blueprint of Perfection. This is the key to connect and anchor our spiritual, mental and astral bodies into our energy body.

Our DNA is rapidly changing where our limiting beliefs stemming from the false programming found in our cells keeps us “stuck”. If you ever think or feel you are “not enough”, CTP removes limiting belief structures gently, quickly and completely at the cellular level during your activation session. Healing is the result. A private session lasting 60 to 90 minutes allows one to surrender to freedom of choice at a deeper level. Testimonials available at

For more information, contact Founder of Goddess T.O.U.C.H., Inc., Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay, multi-dimensional spiritual consultant, BA Div., Reiki M/T, transformational coach, prophetic channel, 954-655-5490.