The Physical Health Complex is proud to announce the return of Eva Bueno-Johnston after a long hiatus due to mommy duties. Johnston is a Certified Laser Technician specializing in smoking cessation, with many years experience helping people conquer nicotine addiction. She trained at the prestigious Omega Institute in Canada, and utilizes the same protocol that has been proven successful in Canada for over 30 years.


Laser Therapy for smoking cessation is thought of as a highly modernistic form of acupuncture. Treatment with laser helps to promote the release of endorphins which makes it overwhelmingly easier to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that arise when giving up nicotine.

Johnston strongly believes the answer to combating tobacco addiction involves relieving the physical need for the substance without using a drug; dealing with the psychological aspect of the addiction; and supporting the body nutritionally to rid it of toxic chemicals and repair damage. Clinical studies utilizing this method have shown a spectacular success rate in suppression of physical cravings for nicotine. This, coupled with Johnston’s commitment to her clients’ success, is a winning combo.

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