Healing Pets Holistically

Integrative Vets Treat Root Causes by Julie Peterson Emma, a mini-schnauzer mix, was 4 years old when she started acting like a senior lacking zest for running or playing. After being treated by an integrative veterinarian for one month, she regained vibrancy. “She’s 6 years old now, and she’s her normal, barky, running, zig-zagging self,” says Yvonnda Agent, a volunteer with animal transport rescue operations, near Rockvale, Tennessee. Agent’s practitioner determined Emma had kidney issues that were slowing her down. Upon deeper investigation, these problems were found to be the only visible symptom of a tick-borne illness. Once given immune-boosting, [...]

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Staying Fit in 2021

Workout Trends Bend to the Times by Marlaina Donato For 2021, fitness will be more about better health and inner peace rather than weight loss. Gyms and studios will be on the top of their game adhering to hygiene standards and offering safer environments with smaller class capacity and vitamin D-enhanced outdoor sessions. From remote coaching to cost-effective wellness apps, the workout will get a fresh makeover. […]

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Moving Medicine Forward with Plant-Based Medicine

Earlier this year, with the support of those who understand plant-based consciousness, Michael Klaper, MD and director of the Moving Medicine Forward (MMF) program, visited 10 medical schools across North America and shared his presentation, What I Wish I Had Learned in Medical School about Nutrition. At each school, the talk on practical, plant-based nutrition was greeted by students commenting that it “far exceeded what our medical school curriculum offers in that field.” […]

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