The Salt Box is located in a quiet plaza, where upon entering the facility, clients instantly feel like they’ve taken a brief respite. Salt therapy is provided by a machine called a halogenerator which grinds the purest salt into micro-particles, then disperses the salt into the air to help relieve respiratory and skin conditions.

The Salt Box offers three services: a salt therapy room for adults, for children, and a private S.A.L.T. Bed. The adult therapy room is incredibly peaceful. Clients put their feet up on luxurious recliners while listening to calming music in a softly lit room surrounded by the finest pink Himalayan salt. In the children’s therapy room, children enjoy free play with a variety of toys. Parents join their children at no cost, so the entire family has fun while improving their overall health.

The Salt Box has one of the only private S.A.L.T. Beds in South Florida, perfect for those who prefer shorter, private sessions.

Whether 25 minutes on the bed or 45 minutes in one of the rooms, the goal is for those feelings of peace and relaxation to stay with you long after you’ve left The Salt Box.

Location: Parkland Town Center, 6710 Parkside Dr., Parkland, 954-906-5985, [email protected],