One of the most incredible scientific breakthroughs is a 60 carbon atom sphere that may be the key to significantly improving the health and well-being of people everywhere. It is so impressive that papers were published and lectures given on the possibility of its existence by scientists and professors in 1965. This structure is so bizarre and unique that it took three scientists looking at distant stars to confirm its existence, later being awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery.

Known as carbon 60, C60, Buckminsterfullerenes and affectionately, Buckyballs, this compound has a vast array of uses in both the health and industrial sectors. The extraordinary benefits of C60 took a leap forward thanks to the landmark Baati research study published in 2012, which demonstrated that rats given carbon 60 had a 90 percent longer lifespan in comparison to the control group. How C60 is able to achieve this is currently the focus of research, but the benefit of longevity it provides for humans is immeasurable.
What’s clear are the variety of wellness supports that are boundless. They include improving sleep quality, energy and physical performance, mental clarity, weight management, protection against free radicals, viruses and bacteria, DNA repair, UVA protection, better skin quality and repair, and increased life span and diminished inflammation, always present in cardiovascular disease and cancer.
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