As the clangs of political, social and religious discord have grown louder in recent years, communities have seen a rise in xenophobia, hate crimes and social unrest. In this environment it’s only natural to seek safety and comfort with those of your “tribe”. Whether that is a political party, a religion, race, class, sex or any combination thereof, these identifiers also serve to divide people from their neighbors. It becomes us (the tribe) vs. them and all that comes with it. Surrounded by only those of like-mind, prejudices are reinforced.

As the chasm between tribes has widened, religion remains one of our greatest tribal identifiers. In the gap that has formed, organizations like One World Family Interfaith Council have stepped in to bridge the divide. Dedicated to contributing to stronger communities here in South Florida, this organization is led by a diverse group of faith leaders, including Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu. Through organizing community building events such as panel discussions, prayer gatherings and workshops, One World Family works to celebrate commonalities, educate and build a bridge of inter-connection.

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