Have you ever asked yourself why, no matter how hard you try, certain things in your life don’t change? Maybe it’s a career change, financial concerns, moving to a new location, phobias, addictions, health challenges, relationship issues, not knowing what your purpose is, etc. It could be anything.

The answer to this is because only five percent of our daily life is run by our conscious mind. This means our subconscious is running the show and we aren’t even conscious of it. So how and why does this happen?
Up until the age of seven, we are still in a type of hypnotic state, which means we are being programmed by what our parents and society teach us. Hypnosis is a great way to gain a better understanding and awareness of why certain patterns keep recurring in your life, both negative and positive. Once you understand why negative events are happening to you, you can stop sabotaging yourself and healing can occur.
Jill Avery, of Quantum Healing Discoveries, brings together yoga, hypnosis and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique offering the very best methods to change negative influences and help you to heal your life.
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