How Men Can Safely Use Cell Phones
Men love using their smartphones. This modern technology provides a lot of convenience, but what are the biological effects from using these wireless devices? More research is now available than ever before and it is not painting a pretty picture. Cell phone radiation is linked to sperm damage, erectile dysfunction and is even classified as a Class 2 B Carcinogen by the World Health Organization.
Here are five great ways to protect and empower yourself, turning adversity to your advantage.

1. Talk more on a corded phone. Less is better with cell phone technology; use a corded phone line in your home and office. Make sure to replace home cordless phones too, as they are always emitting and receiving signals. Use the cell phone only when necessary.
2. Keep the phone away from your body. Use the speakerphone at all times. When the phone is in use and positioned against the body, this is when most of the biological effects occur.
3. Do not sleep with your cell phone powered on. Research shows a cell phone that is powered on can disrupt your sleep. If you absolutely need it for an alarm clock, switch to airplane mode— this will stop the wireless EMF emissions.
4. Neutralize the device. I highly recommend the pocket-safe technology that attaches to the back of the phone; this transmutes the harmful radiation into something that does not harm the body. This is part of the Geo-Safe System from Germany.
5. Don’t use the cell phone in enclosed spaces of metal. This includes cars, trains, buses and airplanes. The metal reflects the radiation thus increasing your exposure.
Based in Fort Lauderdale, Gary Greenleaf is a certified Geo-Biological Consultant with the Geo-Safe Institute, Germany. He assists clients with EMF testing and neutralizations for homes and offices. For more information, call 520-591-8282 and/or visit and