Dreams can come true, according to clients of Dr. Donna Goldstein and her Body Wisdom Lifestyle Program.

Throughout her life, Mandy had dreamed of becoming a stewardess, traveling the world. At size 20, she felt she would never realize that dream. As a high fashion hairdresser, she was aware her image was out of sync. Each dieting attempt led to gaining more weight than was lost.

A chance meeting with Goldstein led her to the Body Wisdom Lifestyle. The program was very different: real grocery food, no shots, supplements or drugs. For the first time, she didn’t feel she was dieting but rather adopting a healthier lifestyle.

As her weight dropped, she began looking at life with feelings of possibility and energy. She found joy in care for herself and it showed. Her cravings diminished and she had more energy and did water exercise and dance. She was learning to make better choices in all areas of her life.

In just six weeks, she lost 20 lbs. Now, it’s 60 lbs. and counting. Mandy is a perfect size 10 and has achieved her dream of being a flight attendant.

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