If you enjoy looking at different types of homes and businesses, coming up with strategies and solutions to help people succeed, you may want to become a professional feng shui consultant.
Feng shui is an ancient art and science that has modern and relatable applications in our environments. Our spaces should be supportive of our lifestyles and goals. The practice of feng shui attunes occupants with their spaces, the environment around them and their holistic well-being.

By enrolling in this program consisting of live interactive webinars and starting with one full day in Fort Lauderdale, you can launch your consultancy or higher level feng shui practice in seven weeks. If spending a day onsite won’t work, the school offers an online pathway.
Lisa Alban and Steve Kodad are affiliated with the International Feng Shui Guild. Their school is rated Gold Standard by the guild, and they are both “Red Ribbon” professionals (highest rank).
Make feng shui a career or simply learn how to use this powerful practice. Enjoy the lovely area, become certified and enjoy a new exciting direction in your life.
For more information, email [email protected] or visit IntrinsicSchoolOfFengShui.com.