Join Ialorixá Ana Maria de Xangô for an experience of rebirth within the awe-inspiring relationship with nature that each one of us has. “Umbanda is a Spiritual tradition based on devotion to a living relationship with God, the Orixás, spiritual guides and all of the natural world. It is built on the principles of love, charity, truth, humility, and faith,” the Ialorixá explains. “It was formed within the unique Brazilian religious culture that unites several traditions, including Catholicism, Spiritism, Afro-Brazilian traditions and Indigenous spirituality.”

“Under the direction of the spiritual guides the practitioners learn to conduct the life-giving forces of nature to help them develop spiritually, emotionally and on their life path. Today, the principles of Umbanda and Spiritist philosophy are used in Spiritist Mental Health Hospitals across Brazil to cure people of maladies of whose origins were otherwise hidden from the view of the traditional medical community.”

Ialorixá Ana Maria de Xangô has been practicing in the Spiritual lineage of Umbanda and Candomblé her entire life. She has taught workshops across the world about these traditions, on the subject of mediumship development, and using the positive spiritual energy of nature to transform your life.

She will be holding a workshop on November 28th – 30th on how these energies can bring about a rebirth in your life. For more information contact Nick 561 601 1104 – Anastasia 561 603 1133 or go to See ads page 18 and 32.