by Ralph Flores

Are you someone that does not believe in energy healing or maybe find yourself attracted to energy work but don’t get it? Then, you would be a great candidate to try it. You actually don’t have to believe in it or fully understand it. Why don’t you just say to yourself, “I have nothing to lose, maybe it is nonsense, but then again it could be real; and if anything, it will give me a chance to lie down, relax, and rest my eyes for about half an hour. I’m doing it.”

Research shows that it is these people who decide to go for it that experience healing. (It also shows that, if anything, it has been the person who has believed in it too much (maybe even wore crystals, rang Tinja bells, “read” books by osmosis) that did not have a healing. They needed for it to work so badly, that perhaps this obsessive need was the interference in and of itself.)

Knowing intuitively that something great can happen opens the individual to perhaps experiencing something wonderful. One should open their heart and mind, love themselves more and try something different. They should give themselves that chance. How often do people say to themselves, “We are not doing that!” or “We are not trying that!” because they fear the unknown or have preconceived ideas that are stopping them from forging ahead. If it’s not going to hurt, one can be no worse off, and may even be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

People are the only ones who can heal themselves, whether it’s with the help of traditional medicine, holistic medicine and/or complementary and alternative medicine. No matter what path or paths they choose to take, they are the only ones who can heal themselves.

More and more people are adding to traditional medicine the use of alternative healing modalities, eating wholesome foods, and using stress reduction exercises. Why? Because they are finding out these blends work. They are becoming more and more in-tune with what is working for them. Every day they learn more about the mind-body connection and the ability of the non-physical to affect the physical. Often the cause of a dis-ease can be emotional, mental or spiritual. For example, people store locked emotions that, over time, if not released cause them harm.

Ralph Flores has been working with Reconnective Healing®, a non-touch modality that not only facilitates energy, but light and information as well. He is a Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner, certified December 2010 (found in Practitioner’s Directory at He states Reconnective Healing® is his passion.

Flores works in the quiet of his home located on A1A, just south of East Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Preferred hours are 1 to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday; 1 to 6 p.m., Saturday. He is fluent in Spanish. For more information, visit and call 954-873-4038. See ad page 51.