For “bad pap results” or human papilloma virus (HPV), surgery is usually the only option that is offered to women by gynecologists. A little known holistic alternative is a naturopathic treatment called escharotic therapy.

During this six-week program, abnormal or pre-cancerous cells are gently sloughed off using natural botanical and mineral substances applied to the cervix by a trained practitioner, followed by applications of substances that promote the regeneration of healthy tissue. This is accompanied by special supplements that boost immunity and the healing process which can help to actually eliminate HPV.

Escharotic therapy is available in South Florida through Judy Kaplan, ARNP, CNM who has trained extensively and follows the guidelines of Dr. Tori Hudson, ND (Oregon). Kaplan has been providing escharotic therapy with good results for more than five years and is the only provider of this specialized treatment in the southeastern U.S.

A holistic women’s specialist for more than 25 years, Kaplan is a certified nurse midwife / nurse practitioner and provides natural in-hospital birth options as well as holistic integrative women’s healthcare. She sees clients at Miami Maternity Center in Miami, her office in Boca Raton and at Natural Birthworks in Margate.

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