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Coronavirus as a Calling

by Gregg Levoy Not to diminish the fact that we’re dealing with a serious and worldwide epidemiological threat, the pandemic can be transmuted into golden opportunities, especially if we follow the sometimes blind spiritual instinct that tells us this crisis—indeed each of our individual lives—has purpose and meaning, and that we need to act on this impulse despite the temptation to back down and run for cover. Here are four ways to respond to the call of these turbulent times: […]

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Mark Nepo on Living a Wholehearted Life

by Sandra Yeyati Bestselling author, poet, cancer survivor and inspirational spiritual teacher Mark Nepo has published 22 books and made numerous appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday program. His latest book, published this year, is The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters. What do you mean by, “To be broken is  not a reason to see all things as broken? […]

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Become a Yoga Teacher

Online Course Begins October 10 South Florida’s oldest yoga studio, The Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach, announces its annual 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training class, beginning October 10, 2020, online. The course meets twice monthly—Saturday afternoons and Sundays. The Yoga Center began offering teacher trainings in 1988 and has since trained hundreds of teachers from across the country. The course meets Yoga Alliance standards for 200-hour certification. […]

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Tai Chi and Qigong

Life Force in Motion by Marlaina Donato The flowing movement of tai chi mirrors the serenity of water, but still waters run deep. This ancient practice of gentle meditative movement is an offshoot of Chinese martial arts that offers a spectrum of surprising benefits, including healthier soft tissues and bones, as well as improved sleeping. According to Harvard Health Publishing, when practiced consistently, tai chi supports both upper and lower body strength with effects that are akin to resistance training and brisk walking. Tai chi helps to fine-tune neurons of the inner ear and encourages muscle and ligament flexibility, resulting [...]

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Stressed-Out Teens

Ways to Help Them Chill Being a teenager is never easy, but it’s even harder these days, with the upheaval of the pandemic intensifying the normal academic, social and hormonal turmoil of these pivotal years. It’s no wonder teens are reporting record levels of stress, anxiety and depression: In a Pew Research survey, 70 percent of teens said mental health was a major problem among their peers—and that was in February, before the pandemic hit. A recent online poll found that most teens are worried that the pandemic will affect their family’s physical or financial health and that many feel [...]

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Treat the Cause, Not the Dis-Ease; Being the Temple of Peace

I Am Presence of every human is individualized, private, sacred and indwelling. People often think, according to their upbringing, education and “programming”, am I one of the so-called “chosen”? Everyone is “chosen”; few choose back. The road is definitely straight and narrow and there is little room for straying without paying (karma aka you reap what you sow). […]

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Peace Precedes Sustainable Whealth

Going within, meaning residing inside one’s own mind sans opinions, biases, programs and the like, you discover that any and all outer lack, be it health, finances, wholesome relationships or otherwise, stems from within. Through the willingness to unveil privately one’s own limitations, we become miraculously empowered to rise above. […]

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Strong and Healthy

Five Ways to Strengthen Kids’ Immunity by Ronica O’Hara With American children increasingly afflicted with asthma and allergies, it’s critical to help them build up their natural immunity. Microbial ecologist Jack Gilbert, Ph.D., of the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, co-founder of the crowdsourced American Gut Project, advises, “Furry pets, the outdoors, dirt in the backyard, forests—life!” […]

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