Spirulina (blue-green algae) is a whole food, and when harvested correctly from non-contaminated water, it is one of the most potent nutrient sources available. Incredibly high in protein (65 percent), it contains all the essential amino acids, including GLA (essential for human health) and Omegas 3, 6 and 9 (especially Omega 3), and is extremely high in chlorophyll, which helps remove toxins from the blood and boost the immune system.

A great source of bio-available iron, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins (especially B-vitamins), minerals and phytonutrients, spirulina has powerful hydrating properties due to its inherent water-binding molecules; studies indicate it can bind with heavy metals in the body and help remove them.

Spirulina induces an anti-inflammatory action that plays a key role in cellular membrane restructuring and vitamin transport. In addition to its antioxidant properties, the presence of lutein and beta-carotene can increase the elasticity and lipid levels in the skin, making it the ultimate inside-out, head to toe rejuvenator.

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