For the month of May 2014, Julia George of Aquarian Age will be offering a free 45-minute session to anyone wanting answers to questions, to discuss concerns, or whatever one would like to share to initiate healing, via phone, Skype, or in person at her healing room in Boca Raton.


Utilizing untainted mental clarity, communication, and intuitive awareness, George is able to penetrate and pervade the subconscious mind, retrieving the repressed and rejected parts of the human psyche known as “The Shadow”. This is where all emotional healing begins.

Growing up with two immediate family members suffering with mental illness, George began studying the mind by the age of thirteen, but renounced her intuitive abilities due to the serious responsibility she felt went along with them. Not until she reached her 30’s did she begin sharing the information that would come through her effortlessly.

Now in her fifth decade, and fully embracing her own shadow, George is adept at guiding others out of their own darkness into the light, where they can reside in love, self acceptance, acceptance of all others, and of life.

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