by Amanda Carestio

Bhava Ram is a former network news war correspondent who self-healed from stage four cancer and a broken back through the sciences of Yoga. He is the author of the highly acclaimed memoir, Warrior Pose, How Yoga Literally Saved My Life, and several other books on Yoga and Ayurveda. Ram is the founder of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts, and leads retreats, trainings and seminars worldwide, devoting his life to sharing self-empowerment through Vedic Wisdom. We spoke with Bhava to gain a deeper understanding of his story, his inspiration, and his vision for a healthier world.

AC: When did you first realize that it’s important to prioritize your health?

BR: When I lost my career to a broken back and failed surgery, then was diagnosed with stage four cancer and given the prognosis that survival was impossible, it was like a major wakeup call from the universe. I not only realized that I had to prioritize my health, which I thought I had been doing by relying upon western medicine, but that I had to TAKE CHARGE, step out of the box, exert devoted and consistent effort, and implement massive changes in all aspects of my life.

AC: What one change would you suggest for someone just getting started on their journey to having a healthier life?

BR: Listen closely to your suffering and learn to have gratitude for it because it is a catalyst for positive change. Be willing to let go of old agreements and step into new territory. Be patient, go slowly, one step at a time.

AC: Who are some of your influences?

BR: Dr. Emmett Miller, Dr. David Frawley, Colin Campbell, Deepak Chopra.

AC: Have any of your views evolved over the course of your career in regards to healthy living?

BR: Yes. I’ve learned that everyone has to begin by meeting themselves where they are, not taking on too much, seeking small victories rather than becoming overwhelmed.

AC: What are you most proud of, in relation to your work?

BR: I’ve had the privilege and honor of seeing so many embrace our Deep Yoga pathway to wellness and find vibrant physical and emotional health. Not everyone fully heals, but I have seen devoted clients overcome cancer, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. It is not because of me, but rather due to the deep wisdom and mind/body/spirit science of the full practices of Yoga and Ayurveda.

AC: What do you think are the ingredients for a life well lived?

BR: Contentment, loving kindness, learning to let go, serving others, and seeing the oneness in all that is.

AC: What’s on the horizon for 2015? Do you have any new and exciting things in the works?

BR: My memoir, *Warrior Pose, is being made into a feature length film. Shooting begins in 2015 with a release date in 2016. My wife, Laura Plumb, and I are sharing our Deep Yoga message to wider audiences, including Yoga Journal Conferences, Renaissance Executive Forums, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and major spiritual centers across the country.

I believe everyone has an inherent power to heal to their maximum potential, turn adversity and obstacles into life-changing opportunities, connect with themselves at a deeper level, and ultimately manifest their fullest potential. This is our birthright, from which we have largely been disenfranchised as a result of living in an overstimulated world fraught with too much that is artificial. When we return to natural food and natural living, learn to replace our stress with gratitude, compassion, and loving kindness, and begin to fully believe in ourselves, we are capable of miracles.

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