by Ibana Villasenor

healthy scalp is one of the most important principles for beautiful hair, according to Hair Holistic Eco-Friendly Salon, in Boca Raton. Many of their clients had been using the incorrect regimen, possibly neglecting scalp care. Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair and Hair Holistic uses this natural approach to assist their clients toward balance and, in some cases, recommend medical care when necessary.

The scalp, being part of the skin, must be treated based on its ever-changing needs; its pH changes with the weather, seasons and lifestyle. Common scalp excretions like sweat, oil and sebum can become imbalanced, with symptoms of clogged follicles, excess or lack of stimulation, bent hair and more, and overall affect hair growth cycles.

Hair Holistic employs scalp detox or jet rejuvenation as gentle exfoliants and very effective methods that can show results after the first treatment, oftentimes followed with scalp nutrition or another soothing treatment. Additionally, clients are taught to observe what their hair needs every time they shampoo, including awareness of excess product buildup.

Hair Holistic follows the Morocco method moon calendar. For centuries, humans have followed the moon’s cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops. Planting during a particular lunar cycle determines what the crop will yield; a similar practice is applied to the hair. Lunar Hair Care uses the Lunar Chart which indicates five optimal dates per month for cutting or scalp treating hair based on the individual’s specific hair goal.

Another area that cannot be overstated is the importance of inner health, taking into account hormonal imbalances, metabolic difficulties, iron and nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption, diets and fasting, fevers, medicine, stress, anxiety, mood, difficulty sleeping or off circadian rhythm. Working with a functional physician along with periodic lab testing can help to reach your optimal health and wellness. Modalities like Ayurveda are an easy philosophy to begin to understand your body and soul needs.

As to hair length, Hair Holistic uses vegan treatments, including cassia and henna, and for hair repair and rebuilding, ultrasonic LED or hair cryotherapy. Frizz reduction is accomplished with apple or argan stem cells or formaldehyde-free smoothing treatments with hyaluronic acid and cysteine amino acids. Their split ender device is used to trim one-eighth to one-quarter off solid ends.

Hair Holistic is now offering a complimentary 30-minute scalp and hair consultation before any service (value $65). They will evaluate scalp health, creating a file and using a highly enlarged digital image to tailor the appropriate protocol.

Hair Holistic Eco-Friendly Salon is located at 141 NW 20th St., Ste. B7, Boca Raton. To book an appointment, call 561-372-5354.