by Linda Dillon 

La means Light and Love of God. Ho means Movement. Chi refers to Life Force. Hence,

LaHoChi is the movement of light into your body at the speed of Love. The speed of Love = speed of Light squared.

13th Octave LaHoChi is the next step in energy healing, a quantum leap available now to the healers and people of Nova Earth. It has always been a multiple purpose modality, not only for healing but also for creation. As we as a collective move into conscious co-creation — the quantum leap into multi-dimensional and uni-dimensional co-creation, it is time to use this incredible energy for the creation of our healing practices, teaching, as well as the healing and creation of Nova Earth.


LaHoChi is an ancient hands-on healing modality that conducts life/God force and infuses the individual with wholeness, balance and wellbeing. The knowledge and power of the LaHoChi was hidden following the fall of Atlantis, and is now resurrected by Lau Tzu, St. Germain of the Violet Flame, Universal Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael and Albert Einstein.

“We welcome you back to the path of humble service where once again you will heal with your heart of compassion and your hands of fire. You are the conduits for the great universe and for the energy of Love and One, of serenity and of balance, that is what you do when you assist and add your own sacred being to the life force.” — Lao Tzu, Father of Taoism

The 13th Octave is a process of conscious union within the heart of God — an awareness that is anchored deep within your heart. When LaHoChi is joined with the energies of the 13th Octave, the squaring effect is comparable to a nuclear reaction. Because initiation into the 13th Octave is so transformative, there is no need for previous training in Reiki or other healing modalities. The God energy which is anchored within lifts you to a plane where the energies flow instantaneously.

Students learn to administer through three hands-on healing sessions how to be a conduit of the 13th Octave LaHoChi healing energies to relieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain and blockages. The result is accelerated healing, a calm mind and stimulation of spiritual awareness. 13th Octave LaHoChi is also used to accelerate personal growth, reawaken a sense of joy, and increase an awareness of intuition. 

The courses are offered by Nova School of Healing Arts and Sciences at Ama Healing Center. For more information go to See ad page 57.