The Great Awakening

by Ilka Handshaw “Changing mass consciousness is an individual responsibility.”  ~ Dennis Weaver This is being written in the last half of April 2020, where we, as humanity, have been in the era of coronavirus. We are mandated to be isolated and stay home; we may reflect and/or worry about what and why this is happening—enormous vibrations of fear, anxiety and uncertainty have been felt all over our world for the last few months. But many of us who have been learning from spiritual masters know that this is a time of a great awakening and rebirth. This suffering is [...]

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Everglades University Online

Everglades University (EU) offers all degrees 100 percent online and has made distance education available to students for over 25 years. They have transitioned their on-ground student body to virtual education, allowing them to continue their educational goals given the current environment. All EU students continue to have easy access to staff, faculty and the online learning community and be supported by experienced faculty that holds a master‘s or doctoral degree in their respective discipline. EU has six campuses located in Boca Raton, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, and an online division which all locations offer. EU also caters to the [...]

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Southeast Florida COVID-19 Resources

* Due to the current Pandemic, some Natural Awakenings Advertisers, Businesses and Events may have had changes. Please call in advance for more information. If You Feel Sick: The Florida Department of Health has opened the 24-hour COVID-19 Call Center at 1-866-779-6121. Questions may also be emailed to [email protected] Email responses will be sent during call center hours. You can also call your Dr. Office and follow the procedures put in place with your Primary Care Physician. Read more…. Novel Coronavirus Hotline, information for Broward County Residents, Palm Beach Residents, Natural Awakenings’ articles specifically selected for you, our readers…. […]

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The Ugly Truth Behind Laxative Use and a Remedy: Laxatives vs Colon Hydrotherapy

by Laura Hernández Are you familiar with the consequences of using laxatives to relieve constipation? I am, since I had a dependency on these drugs for 19 years and they almost killed me. Those of us who know firsthand what it is to suffer from chronic constipation have gone through all types of remedies to overcome this challenging condition, including the use of laxatives. Most laxatives contain chemicals that may cause adverse effects and even worsen the problem by interfering with the digestive process, causing irritation throughout the digestive system. […]

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Change Your Music Change Your Health

Music is part of our soul, so during this time of uncertainty, isolation and quarantines, change your music and change your health. In ancient times, the use of sound healing was a highly developed spiritual science based upon an understanding that sound was the original vibration. […]

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Become a Feng Shui Professional Consultant

If you enjoy looking at different types of homes and businesses, coming up with strategies and solutions to help people succeed, you may want to become a professional feng shui consultant. Feng shui is an ancient art and science that has modern and relatable applications in our environments. Our spaces should be supportive of our lifestyles and goals. The practice of feng shui attunes occupants with their spaces, the environment around them and their holistic well-being. […]

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Healing the Soul and Clearing Our Path with Debora Ramos

Debora Ramos, a certified Spiritual Response Therapy consultant and teacher, Angel Therapy practitioner, crystal healer and Reiki Master, is dedicated to help clients clear and heal energy blocks in different aspects of their life (including past lives). She tailors each session to best suit the individual’s needs of the moment, assisting with finances, relationships and inner peace. […]

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Medical Massage & Organic Skincare of Broward County

Ellen Mills, well-known locally as the traveling massage therapist, is now offering thoroughly organic skincare services and products at your home or office locations. Many of Mills' clients return year after year from out-of-state locations to re-experience their first-time massage with her anew, fondly remembering her attention to detail, including a body's sides, face or head, and especially the feet. Mills' research in skincare led her to those organic lines which firstly met her personal use and then she introduced them to her clients, including Eminence Organic Skincare–Hungary and Elixir of Life by L'Alchemist, custom earth blends manufactured locally. Clients [...]

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COVID-19: Preventive Steps and Mitigating the Effects

by Dr. Hepsharat Amadi Much has been made in the media lately about the threat of the new coronavirus known as COVID-19, originating in China. As a result of the barrage of scary sounding news stories, people often feel there’s nothing they personally can do to protect themselves or their loved ones from it; that the only things they can do are wash and disinfect their hands frequently as well as the surfaces that they touch, avoid touching their face or being in large crowds, and wait for a vaccine (which may be at least a year or more in [...]

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