Float8 Wellness Lounge

If there is a silver lining to living under quarantine, it is an increased appreciation of the value of wellness. Staying inside and isolating from others can exacerbate existing mental health conditions while at the same time help people everywhere realize it is essential to invest in emotional as well as physical wellbeing. The key now is to maintain these new practices as we begin to re-enter society and reintegrate. […]

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Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution at A Healing Space

We are all facing a time of uncertainty, with many unanswered questions as to “what’s next?” It is becoming clear that in this time of what appear to be trials and tribulations, hope is needed. Maintaining a positive outlook can feel daunting as we all have our own sets of fears and anxiety. […]

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Divine Love Now Offering Online Reiki Circle, Workshops & Sessions

The past several months have altered the lives of everyone. At Divine Love Institute, physically located in Hollywood, Florida, Nancy Duke and Nancy Livingston like to offer the most from what they have (small hinges swing big doors). They love and live by everything they teach, offer and do. […]

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God’s Rx to Health

by Dr. Yolanda Cintron As a biological holistic dentist and health expert in practice for 32 years, Dr. Yolanda Cintron shares her disappointment that the media has had our nation as a captive audience for weeks and no one has educated America about disease prevention. By maintaining our health at optimal levels and boosting our immune system, we can overcome this virus. […]

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Healing Vibes

by Janet Hastings We’ve been hearing all about the virus, the disease, the panic and the pandemic – non-stop, 24/7. Yes, it’s here and it is imperative that we adhere to guidelines and precautions, but how about while bearing in mind that it’s out there somewhere, instead of dwelling nonstop on fear, disease and ill-health, we try to even slightly shift the focus to faith, healing, wellness, rejuvenation and vitality, not just for us humans but for Mother Earth as well, by thinking life-giving thoughts and shifting to a higher vibrational frequency. This can be gradually achieved in several ways, [...]

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Southwestern Red Pepper-Avocado Sandwiches/Wraps

1 jar roasted red peppers (drained and dried with a towel) or freshly made, oven-roasted peppers 2 fork-smashed avocados or 1 large Florida avocado Salsa of choice, preferably smoky chipotle or sweet varieties Chopped cilantro Bread or wraps of choice […]

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Kalamata Olive Hummus-Cucumber Picnic Sandwiches

Pita pocket bread, sourdough or other bread of choice 1 can organic chickpeas/garbanzos with original water drained off just a bit ½ cup organic sesame seeds or 2 Tbsp of  tahini (½ cup organic, raw, unsalted sunflower seeds can be used in a pinch) 1 tsp cold-pressed virgin olive oil (optional) 1 minced garlic clove ½ cup kalamata olives (whole or halved, drained) Conventional or English cucumber, thinly sliced Organic lemon thinly slivered with skin intact […]

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