Mind Body Expo!

Mind Body Expo! An Update  ~ Originally scheduled for March 22nd, Delray Beach Due to mass concern of the COVID-19 they have decided to postpone the 7th Annual MindBody Expo 2020 to October 11th. On March 22nd, they will host an online mass healing meditation on the MindBody Expo Facebook at 7PM. You can expect to learn from their sponsors and headlining speakers about the best advise to stay safe and healthy during this time. […]

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What is Our Gut “Second Brain” Telling Us?

by Laura Hernández Did you know it is estimated that 90 percent of the body´s serotonin (also known as the happy hormone or feel good hormone) is made in the gut? This surprising data tells us that most of our emotions and sensations are generated in the gut and not in the brain as we´ve all been taught and believed. What an amazing revelation! […]

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Our Power to Remove Single Use Plastics

Single use plastics, such as plastic cutlery, straws, cups, water bottles, etc., are destroying our oceans and ocean life. In Florida, they are killing the sea turtle population by damaging their habitats, inhibiting their breeding, killing them in the sea and often times they are caught up by waste. One piece of plastic can kill ( […]

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Break the Habit of Being Yourself

Have you ever asked yourself why, no matter how hard you try, certain things in your life don’t change? Maybe it’s a career change, financial concerns, moving to a new location, phobias, addictions, health challenges, relationship issues, not knowing what your purpose is, etc. It could be anything. […]

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Psychic Lawyer at United Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches

Mark Anthony, the psychic lawyer (aka psychic explorer), will connect random audience members with their loved ones in spirit during An Evening of Spirit Communication with Mark Anthony, to be held at 7 p.m., March 7, at United Metaphysical Church of the Palm Beaches. Oxford educated, Anthony is a world-renowned 4th generation psychic medium, paranormal expert and legal analyst who appears regularly on national TV and headlines at conferences. He is an internationally known author of the award winning, critically acclaimed bestsellers Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity submitted for a Pulitzer. […]

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Kombucha Juice Bar Cafe Opens at Nature’s Remedy Shoppe

Located inside the Harbor Shops Mall, in Fort Lauderdale, is the exciting new juice bar café at Nature’s Remedy Shoppe. This family oriented natural health food store has become a real community favorite with an exclusive inventory and a team with more than 15 years of experience. Now offering a health conscious menu, including beautifully crafted Buddha bowls, targeted juices, flavorful vegan eats and more, the team at Nature’s Remedy will caringly guide you through various areas of health.   Their new installation of an eight draft tap kombucha bar provides customers with an ancient method for helping the digestive [...]

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EFT Tapping for Stress, Pain and Emotional Healing

Do you feel like you have tried everything and still do not feel better? You may want to try EFT. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping or EFT Tapping. EFT uses tapping on acupuncture points to reduce stress and release negative emotions from past, present and future situations. Negative thoughts and beliefs affect our health and our relationships and prevent us from achieving our goals. EFT is supported by scientific research to help with stress, pain, anxiety and more. […]

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Appreciative While Aspirational

by Doris Jucht Should thankfulness trump ambition? Have you ever felt as if you should be more grateful for what you already have rather than focused on what you don’t? So, here’s an idea: Why not be appreciative while still wanting more? Yes, we can do both at the same time. Actually, we should exercise a balance between both every day of our lives. […]

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Ceramic Implants Now Offered at Integrated Dental in Plantation

Dr. Aurel Chebanu, DMD is pleased to announce the addition of ceramic implants to his practice at Integrated Dental Center, in Plantation. Ceramic implants are for patients seeking a metal-free alternative with excellent biocompatibility and natural looking results. […]

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Shedding Light on CBD

 by C. Mac McMillan, PharmD By now, you may have heard of CBD oil or cannabidiol oil, but still have your concerns. How can something so healthy and so good for you be so controversial at the same time? You may have thought about trying someone else’s CBD oil, or have tried it and maybe felt there was no big difference in the way you felt afterwards. If this is the case, you are not alone. […]

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